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TV vs. Reading: My College Conundrum

January 16, 2010

I have been back at Duke for about a week now, and classes started just three short days ago. Already I have found myself slipping into old habits–watching TV when I have excess time in my schedule just to unwind. After reading pages upon pages of Harvard Business School articles, microeconomic Policy textbook chapters and endless statistical equations, reading a book–no matter how fun and entertaining it may be–just doesn’t appeal to my brain.

This got me thinking. As a kid, my mom always urged my brother and I to read a book instead of sitting in front of the TV. We lived in a household where the amount of time watching the “boob tube” (as she lovingly referred to it) was restricted and piano practice and homework always came first. Now, well, that’s a whole different story.

What’s the verdict here, for a student who is constantly studying. Even super-enjoyable books can be intellectually challenging, and its hard to turn on your brain for all hours of the day. Lucky for me, I’m having a lot of down time and have made significant progress on my next book, “The World to Come,” by Dara Horn. It’s one of those stories with multiple stories weaving through it, so I’m intrigued already.

Cheers, Christine

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