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I’m writing ’bout the Book I read

January 7, 2010

The talking heads (famous for this ridiculous song) singing about reading books! I got bored and searched “books & reading” on youtube and got some VERY interesting results.

Anyways, I have started “The Earth Hums in B Flat” by Mari Strachan. I bought it last year because the quotes on the back of it seemed SO influential at the time. So many people saying they loved it, using adjectives like “gorgeous, blessedly unsentimental, quirky and charming.” What strange words for a book, right? I don’t think I have really anything to do today besides pack to move into my new apartment and read, so hopefully this will be done by tomorrow.

Also, today officially marks the FIRST WEEK of my book project. I’ve been thinking a lot of how to restructure the way the blog works…I want to encourage people to read along with me, even if its not at the same rate. Would it be helpful if I made a list every months of the books I intend to read? Should I do that on a weekly basis? Thanks to the few of you who are avid readers already, I’m still figuring this whole thing out so bear with me.

Cheers, Christine.

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