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Day 1: My New Year’s Resolution

January 1, 2010

I think that the second I started college, I fell into a routine that many students do. They stop reading for pleasure. I was a bibliophile as a kid (something I’m sure my parents loved–that I would rather have my nose in a book than getting into trouble). But last year I probably cracked the spine of only a dozen books.

Today is the first day of the year and of the decade. And while most years I make vague resolutions: save money, eat better, run more, etc, I have decided that I will set a concrete goal for myself that doesn’t include me getting on a treadmill (so I’m likely to actually complete it). I want to start reading again, reading for pleasure and actually enjoying books.

I want to read 99 books in the next 365 days.

This blog will chronicle my attempt. 1 book every four days, can it be done? Especially while juggling classes and jobs? Can the tradition of reading just for the sake of reading be saved?

I’m not quite sure what I will write about…whether it be my response to books or how drowning in pages will affected my life. Either way, I hope that it will be interesting and perhaps entertaining. If nothing else, you can find new titles to add to your own book list.

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